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Antique,Vintage and Collectable Beads
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Antique Glass Trade Beads.....

From the European Glass Industry


Trade beads are just what the name implies. From the Renaissance to the early 20th century most explorers, traders and missionaries carried glass beads with them as gifts or objects for barter. Almost all from the large European glass bead industry of this time.

Primarily from the Venetian glass bead makers, however Holland also had a large bead making industry and it can be difficult to know with some beads where they originated.


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European Glass Beads.....

Late 19th-20th century


Beads from the Venetian Glass industry, Czechoslavakian glass,

German and other areas.


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Modern Era Artisan Beads.....


Includes beads in glass, polymer clay and other materials, from all parts of the world.


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